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Closing our Outdoor Season

With the Outdoor Archery season coming to an end I couldn't have asked for a better ending. This weekend my son, daughter and myself competed at the first ever Skook Hotshot FITA event at . My son placed 1st, daughter placed 2nd and I placed 1st.

To be able to compete along side my kids is an amazing feeling both good and bad. Good in the sense that I get to share those competitive juices with them as well as I hope if they are feeling the pressure they understand that I'm feeling that same pressure. The bad part is as a parent, when they are frustrated you try to your best to calm them down while you are at the line with them focusing on your shots. While its good that I'm there to help, it does at times distract me from my own focus.

Either way spending time with your children in this manner is priceless and the memories we've created can never be taken away.

With all that said, it was great day for One More Arrow in general. We were able to sell some merchandise that some proceeds of those sales will go towards helping young archers get into competitive archery tournaments. We also got some great feedback on our design! We also looking forward to working with some local organizations to promote youth archery.




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